After Anil Kapoor, son Harshvardhan also opens up about his rapport with dad!

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Anil Kapoor recently opened up about his rapport with his three super-talented children, Harshvardhan, Sonam and Rhea. Anil is known for his energy and enthusiasm, whereas Harshvardhan is more on the subtle side and is considered to be an introvert.

Speaking about this stark difference in nature, Anil said, " There's a big difference between a regular father and son relationship and a father and son who are actors. I named him Harshvardhan because I never wanted him to be like me. We could've kept it Harsh Kapoor but I thought, 'Let's name him Harsh-Vardhan so that Kapoor isn't his only identity'. "

Now since reports of Anil and Harshvardhan doing a biopic on Abhinav Bindra together are doing the rounds, it is important to know how well the father-son duo get along off-screen. So Harsh was too asked about his relationship with his cool daddy.

By the looks of the pictures shared by Sonam, where her alleged beau Anand Ahuja has been a part of several family trips, Anil seems cool about his kids' dating lives. When probed Harsh whether he seeks any relationship advice from his dad, he told a daily, "No, that's too personal. I'm very private (in these matters). "

Even though he calls himself an extremely "private person" and an introvert, he revealed how he is quite comfortable around women, all thanks to his mother Sunita and his sisters Sonam and Rhea. " In general, I'm very comfortable around women because of the amount of time I've spent with my mother and two sisters. I'm a laid-back guy - I don't ask too many questions and I'm not overbearing ," he said.

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