Sachin A Billion Dreams: Mikhail Gandhi played young Sachin Tendulkar. This is where you have seen him before, watch videos

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Mikhail Gandhi got to meet Sachin Tendulkar at the screening of Sachin: A Billions Dreams in Mumbai recently.

Nothing can beat the aura of legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. But there was a certain someone who, if not surpassed, at least managed to come at par with the iconic sportsperson in his biopic, Sachin: A Billion Dreams. No, it wasn’t any other cricketer, or anyone from Sachin’s life who spoke about him in the docu-drama. It was little Mikhail Gandhi who played the young Sachin, probably the one of the only actors in the film, which otherwise had real people talking on camera.

Was it Mikhail’s cuteness or his confidence in front of the lens that cliched it? This boy surely has a long way to go. But who is Mikhail Gandhi? Does his face look familiar? Where have you seen him before? It’s absolutely fine if these questions came in your mind while watching the film. Mikhail is indeed not new to the archlights. He has been around for a long time as a child actor. Just that you don’t really remember.

Child actor Mikhail Gandhi in a still from Sachin: A Billion Dreams.

Mikhail Gandhi is just 8 right now, but has already rubbed shoulders with Sachin Tendulkar, something millions of Indians only dream of. The little boy has done several TVCs. The ads that he has featured in are not just restricted to India, but even Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Mikhail Gandhi has also appeared in 2016 Telugu film Supreme and was chosen among 300 boys who auditioned for the part. His moment to remember was when he finally met Sachin Tendulkar at the film’s screening and managed to click a picture with him.

Mikhail had also given an adorable speech at the success bash of Supreme and the video went viral.

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