Kareena Kapoor Takes Baby Taimur To Girl Gang’s Party At Amrita Arora’s Home

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During her pregnancy Kareena Kapoor Khan broke a lot of norms. She kept working on various projects over the course of her pregnancy, and was even spotted at events. What's more...She is making just as many appearances post her son Taimur's birth. But we were in for a pleasant surprise when we spotted her with her little one. Today, Kareena and Taimur were spotted in Bandra, and we have the pics for you.

Kareena's little bundle of joy is seated next to her in the car. Kareena hides her face with a cap, as the paparazzi click their pictures. Taimur is wearing a cute payjama suit with prints of automobiles on it - you know cars and buses.

Kareena, who has been working hard at shedding the pregnancy weight, was ironically wearing a cap that read "CARBS".

In one picture that is going viral on Instagram, we a get a closer look at Taimur's cute face. Have a look here:

Recently while talking to Asiana Wedding, Kareena was asked what was her first thought when she held her son. "It s really difficult to describe. It s hard to say what kind of parents we are, there is no way of knowing until we deal with all the different situations and share responsibilities. Things are happening very organically, so maybe I can answer these questions in another 10 years," she replied.

Talking about how she is getting advice from right, left and center, she said, "Well everyone is up for advice and saying their two bits! So many people have given me their thoughts on how to raise a child, but I don t really take their advice. I ve never been comfortable doing what others tell me to do. I believe in listening to my own heart and following my own journey. "

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