Kareena Kapoor takes aerial route to fitness

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kareena kapoor who set fashion trends through nine months of pregnancy, is now in a hurry to lose the extra kilos before she kicks off Rhea Kapoor's coming-of-age girl gang film, 'Veerey Di Wedding', also featuring Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar.

Five months since she delivered Taimur, the 36-year-old Actress has already dropped 12 kg and wants to lose eight more before she faces the camera. Her yoga instructor, Anshuka Parwani, whose clientele boasts of jacqueline fernandez, Malaika Arora, Parineeti Chopra and huma qureshi, is however quick to point out that Kareena is not counting kilos, rather she is focussed on strengthening her core muscles. Anshuka, who has been training Kareena since 2009, admits she does not know how much she weighs and what her goal weight is. Anshuka was a commercial pilot till a fatal bike accident left her with multiple fractures and a head injury. She had to quit but physiotherapy, yoga and a strong mind had her walking again.

She dug deeper to understand ashtanga yoga and started her own company with Kareena as her first student. She has put the actress on a new routine called `Flying Fit' which includes 60 to 75 minutes of aerial twists, along with a high intensity yoga and pilates workout, apart from the usual mix of pranayam, meditation and surya namaskars. "It's not about jumping but holding postures. Kareena can hold position for up to two minutes which is an achievement," exults the proud teacher.

She goes on to reveal that Kareena was doing yoga until a week before she delivered and started again three weeks after."Her workout is tailor-made and we keep changing the routines. Post pregnancy, it's been a lot more about balancing out hormones and the endocrine system. She practices the `Aerial Silk Yoga' which uses a low-hanging hammock to aid traditional postures by supporting your entire body weight mid-air. Kareena and I are always working towards achieving more aligned postures through relaxation and breathing. I usually travel with her so we don't miss a session and when I can't she does cardio," Anshuka signs off.

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