Arpita Khan Sharma shares the cutest picture of her baby boy Ahil

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The country is celebrating Mother’s Day today and Arpita Khan Sharma, who became a mother over a year ago, is revelling in the spirit of the occasion. She took to Instagram to post a super cute picture of her baby boy Ahil along with little Aarya. In the picture, the two kids can be seen sitting in a toy car with Ahil at the steering. The adorable toddler has a surprised look on his face, making the picture even cuter. The happy mother captioned the image as, “Wish I could pause moments like these. My cutie pies! Family first. Love you Ahil & Aarya My babies!” With pics like these, baby Ahil already has a fan base of his own as fans clamour to see pictures of him bonding with his uncle Salman Khan.

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