Arjun Kapoor: Negative conversation about nepotism makes film industry look bad

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Arjun Kapoor on Nepotism: I think there have been enough number of examples in last 10 years, I can name Ayushmann Khurrana, Sushant Singh Rajput.

Hailing from a film family, Arjun Kapoor is not denying that star kids have it easier in Bollywood than those who come from outside the industry. In fact, the actor believes that nepotism is a topic that should be discussed and debated upon. But at the same time, he says that the tone of discussion shouldn’t necessarily be negative and people should acknowledge the fact that in recent times there have been many actors, who have made it big in Bollywood without any connections.

The debate on nepotism has always been there but it resurfaced in a manner stronger than ever before after Bollywood’s leading lady Kangana Ranaut called filmmaker Karan Johar the flag-bearer of nepotism. Karan hit back at Kangana, saying that if she has so much problem, she is free to leave the industry. Their difference of opinion, however, didn’t remain personal as it opened doors, again, to the discussion on nepotism.

Arjun, who is currently on a promotional spree for his upcoming film Half Girlfriend, was asked about it in a group interview. The actor, in an elaborate reply, said, “If we look at the industry as a whole, the amount of employment it generates in different sectors whether it is writing, direction or cinematography, there are enough people coming from across the country who are not affiliated to anyone within the industry. Isn’t that what an industry is essentially supposed to do? The forefront is our faces so, therefore the question is always raised to us. To answer to that, I think there have been enough number of examples in last 10 years, I can name Ayushmann Khurrana, Sushant Singh Rajput.”

Speaking further, he said, “In every profession, every father and mother want their children to be a part of it. If the child is intelligent, he or she gets educated into that profession, takes a degree and then work. They might work with their parents for a few years. We don’t have a degree in the film industry that makes us considered capable. Our true test is the box office result. So, till the day people will come to watch us, producers will want to work with you whether you are from here or outside.”

Arjun also said that undoubtedly, the star kids get access to filmmakers easily, while people from non-film background find it difficult but the longevity of an actor depends solely on his saleability, not his or her family background.

“I am not saying it (nepotism) doesn’t exist. There is a pertinent thing that we have it easier in terms of access. I am not denying that. I agree we have it easier in terms of going and having a coffee with a director or a producer. At the end of the day, it’s a business. A filmmaker will not take us beyond a point if we are not saleable as actors. Also, it’s not that we are doing films only in our family. I have done just one film by choice with my father. So, I think that evolution is happening. It is a positive conversation (but) I always hate it when it becomes negative. I look at it in a sense that it should lead to something good. What happens is that this conversation makes the film industry looks like a bad place. which is not true. It is actually a damn good place. So, I don’t want any young kid sitting out there and thinking that film industry is like this, they just work with within (families). It is not like that. I think there are enough shining examples,” he said.

Citing his Half Girlfriend co-star Shraddha Kapoor’s example, Arjun pointed out that despite coming from a film family, the actor didn’t get work for two years after her first two films didn’t work at the box-office. He said that it was only after Aashiqui 2 (in 2013) became a hit that things changed for Shraddha.

“Look at it this way, Shraddha’s first two films didn’t work. No one gave her any opportunity. Aashiqui was a very small film with Adi and her. The film did well and the audience loved them and today see where she is. So, opportunity… Maybe the first one is there or a second one is there, but after that your talent will speak. It is not easy for people coming from outside because people hedge their bets by taking people they feel are already capable of dealing with something, handle some things. It doesn’t happen that way.”

Giving Ranveer and Vicky Kaushal’s examples, he added, “Look at Ranveer for that matter. Look at Vicky Kaushal. His father Shyam Kaushal is an action director and today his son is in front of the camera but I don’t think so it’s because of him, it’s because Vicky Kaushal gave auditions and got the roles. Where is the benchmark of saying that who is deserving and who’s not. It’s a big blur. Have this conversation. It is a must but don’t only find the negatives in it. Also look at the positives because there are lots of positives.”

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