Shah Rukh Khan may open a restaurant called Red Chillies, and cook in it too!

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Shah Rukh Khan wants to be a chef, open a restaurant and hosts his friends.

We know Shah Rukh Khan loves his job as an actor but it seems that if he wouldn’t have been an actor, he would have chosen to be a chef. Well, just to let you know, King Khan definitely knows his game when it comes to being on screen but in the kitchen, he is yet a learner. And if you ask him why he wants to cook, his answer shows the kind of heart he carries. SRK says he ‘wants to learn cooking and host some guests from the film industry’, or maybe one fine day some lucky fans too.

His love for food became evident when he could not stop himself from being all expressive about the process of making food, his pans and pots too. Yes, you read that right.

In an interview to HT, Shah Rukh explained his love for food and food-making with a smile on his face, “I genuinely want to cook. Imagine, if I open a chain of restaurants and stores, kitna business karunga main (I will do so much business). Having said that, Juhi (Chawla) once asked me, ‘Why have you named your company, Red Chillies?’ And I was like, ‘just in case film-making fails, I’ll open a restaurant by the same name. Red Chillies Restaurant toh chalega hi (laughs).

While food has always been considered as an art, the 51-year-old actor very aptly strikes a similarity between food and acting. He said, “I think of acting too as ‘serving’. As an actor, when you serve and present your acting, you hope people like and enjoy it as much as you enjoyed making it [the film]. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Plus, you don’t impose yourself on people and be like accha laga ya nahi? (did you like it or not?). You just serve. I like to serve people in the house.”

Isn’t that just the perfect answer? King Khan just knows the right meaning of food, it seems. In fact, he has plans for when he learns to cook, “I have been telling my friends and colleagues that once I learn cooking, I’d love to call them over and serve them, because I love doing that. I think of acting too as ‘serving’.”

How unfortunate that the actor has played a chef only once in his career of 25 years! With such an understanding of food, we are sure that just like his films, his restaurant will also go houseful.

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