Raabta first look: Sushant Singh Rajput wonders if Kriti Sanon felt the same connection as he did. See pic

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Raabta's lead pair Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon, had an adorable Twitter interaction about their film, which releases on June 9.

If you thought Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon looked adorable together when Sushant took Kriti on a drive, then wait till you see their chemistry in their upcoming film. Raabta is a visual delight for those who believe in signs, tokens and serendipity. Starring Sushant and Kriti, the film is directed by Dinesh Vijan and produced by Homi Adajania. Makers released the first look today and it seems like a beautiful prelude to a journey. The poster is awash with shades of sepia and dark maroon, suggestive of many lingering moods of both characters. It can be about memories, longing and million other little things that could happen between two strangers. The first look gives a feeling of stumbling upon a fine memory one evening and plunging into its myriad possibilities. The poster is a deep meditation on love, memories and millions of what-if possibilities that arise from few chance meetings between two strangers.

Raabta poster is also about how one derives pleasure by chewing on certain memories – hidden safely in innumerable chambers of our hearts. And the sheer amount of wonders he gets on opening that cabinet of memories. The poster is a reminder of that lingering mood of soaking yourself in someone’s memories.

Sushant and Kriti are entwined in each other’s arms, sharing a candid moment. There is intimacy as well as drama in this first look. One line on the poster reads – ‘Everything is connected.’ It’s one of those lines that would force you to think about connection and destiny. We all meet strangers in our lives all the time. Still, we feel ‘connected’ to very few. Sometimes, all we are left is a bundle of memories and moments. It’s not easy to let go of some memories that are so deeply ingrained in our minds.

I wonder if she felt the same way I did,like there was something more, some unexplainable connection,a @kritisanon

Both Sushant and Kriti shared the first poster on their Twitter account. It is the captions that draw our attention. It holds your attention, asks you to take a note and you inadvertently start day dreaming. Sushant wrote on Twitter, “I wonder if she felt the same way I did, like there was something more, some unexplainable connection.” Kriti wrote, “Something drew me to him, a connection that i cannot explain.”

All we can say is, that feeling, that connection with someone is one of the most beautiful things one can experience. One can not put all those feelings bubbling from an awareness in mere words. The poster also reminds us of other movies like Before Sunrise and Serendipity, which revolved around connection and destiny. Raabta, which brings Sushant and Kriti onscreen for the first time, is set to release on June 9.

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