Spotted: Sanjay Dutt capturing the Taj Mahal on his lens while shooting for 'Bhoomi' in Agra

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Sanjay Dutt is all set to re-enter the world of films with 'Bhoomi'. While shooting for the film, the actor got behind the lens himself, although for a very different reason.

The veteran actor was smitten by the world famous Taj Mahal  , which beckons countless tourists to Agra each year. Sanjay was spotted clicking pictures of the famous monument as a reminder for his time spent in Agra for the film. In the pictures that have surfaced, the actor can be seen wielding a camera and a phone as he clicked photos of the monument of love from a vantage point.

Previously, both Sanjay and the movie had made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, when the actor's bodyguards allegedly roughed up a man which led to a lot of protests and tense situations. However, now it looks like everything is back on track and the shooting is progressing smoothly.

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