Sushmita Sen to celebrate wildlife with Wild at Heart campaign

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Sushmita Sen to appear in the 2-minute short film titled "I am the forest."

Media personality Lynn de Souza says it was great having Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen as part of the Wild At Heart campaign which aims to celebrate the wildlife. In the 2-minute short film titled “I am the forest” the actor has delivered a message about man’s unbreakable bond with the forest, written in the form of a poem by Harshal Shetye.

The film features footage of Indian forests and wildlife. Lynn, founder of Social Access who is backing the ‘Wild At Heart Forest and Wildlife conservation campaign’, says Sushmita’s “love for the wild is completely from the heart.”

She is a very generous person, and lives on her own terms, choosing to adopt two daughters and go through the trouble of real parenting instead of just posing in ads and events as most other celebrities do,” Lynn told. “We wanted a genuinely humane celebrity to speak up for the human-animal bond, someone with a distinctive earthy voice, and instantly thought of Sushmita,” she added.

The film will be shown at all the cinema screens of UFO Moviez apart from another video of Sushmita appealing to conserve forest. “There will also be a special two and a half minute video sound bite that Sushmita Sen has given with her extra special message to all digizens (people online) to contribute in their own individual way to the preservation of the forest,” Lynn said.

The team has been working for the Wildlife Conservation Trust of India since the past one year and came up with the ‘Wild at heart’ campaign in an attempt to showcase people from all walks of life celebrating their love and association with nature.

Though they have the 41-year-old actress on board for the campaign, Lynn says “anyone who associates with causes” must come out in support. “The forest doesn’t need us, we need the forest. Bollywood celebrities tend to trivialise a cause when they over-promote it. It’s ok for the audience at first to be small but sensitive and form there on for the awareness to spread out in circles.”

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