Salman Khan and his Tubelight co-star Matin Rey Tangu grab all the attention at the wedding of his driver's son - pics

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Salman Khan it seems just couldn't leave Matin's side yesterday and took him with him everywhere

Salman khan did something adorable yesterday when he revealed the cutest and youngest member of his Tubelight team Matin Rey Tangu. The actor put up pictures with this kid on Twitter to announce his presence in the film. In fact, he and his alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur   hosted Matin at Galaxy apartments. There were many who came to meet the kid and one among them was Saif Ali Khan.You must have seen the pictures of how much the kid adores Salman. He can be seen playing with the sleeves of his shirt, hugging him tightly and having a ball of a time. The actor loves being around kids and so, we aren't surprised to see Matin loving Salman's company. But it seems the actor too adores Matin deeply as he took his along to attend the wedding of his driver Ashok's son's wedding. And once there, all people could do was crowd around Salman and his little celebrity

We have pictures from this event which Salman attended with Matin. All the while the actor had his hands on Matin's shoulder like a protection. It's really cute. The kid however looks a little confused with so many people around him. Guess he doesn't know the magnitude of Salman admirers. No wonder he found it a bit overwhelming. Check out the pics and you will know what we mean

Salim and Sohail Khan also attended the wedding. Abbas-Mustan

Salman had a really hectic day yesterday. First, he went to dinner with Jackie Chan who wanted to meet him. He then attended this wedding and later, he threw a small party at his apartment. He shocked everyone by walking hand-in-hand with Matin at these events. The kid even met Jackie Chan, thanks to Salman. The actor later revealed on Instagram about the kid who is part of the cast of the film.

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