Ranbir kapoor on aamir khan way for Sanjay dutt biopic film

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Mumbai. Ranbir Kapoor Sanjay Dutt's  Biopic to show the way of Aamir Khan. Of course that will not be easy, but perfection, even things like Mr. perfectionist.  Sanjay Dutt's film Biopic Rajkumar hirani are taking direct and being quite cautious that no information leaked. However, where a stop stop news. Recent news about the film having Ranbir Kapoor film, these vary in the weight with. It's these special Ranbir weight increase or decrease the organic way.

It will not help them for prosthetic makeup. According to different timing of Sanjay's life Ranbir's weight. Just as Cirque to Aamir. White ones to play the roll of the Maha phogat Aamir has its weight in real life.

He then lost the weight for Maha phogat young. In much the same way now also weigh Ranbir with escarpment. By the way these would be interesting too, to see that film's shooting is also in Aamir's. Aamir has shot the Cirque was the first parts, including their weight had to be shown, so that the increased weight inspiration to them.

Head Biopic film of Sanjay Dutt to show that in large part spent time in jail to Pune's yerwada Central jaega shown. Shooting this part had started last year, hirani when Sanjay out of jail. Biopic shooting the second schedule starting in February. The film is slated for release on Christmas this year 2017 

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