Will Salman Khan promote Aamir Khan’s Dangal?

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 Salman Khan had gone out of his way to promote Aamir's Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss. But, this time surprisingly there is pin drop silence from Salman's side as far as Dangal is concerned. Aamir Khan is eager to show his upcoming movie, Dangal to Salman Khan. “I am dying to show Salman Khan my film, “said Aamir Khan at a recently held press conference. But is Salman dying to see the film as well? Now that’s the real question. And if one were to go by recent indications, it’s not too difficult to hazard a guess that the only superstar Khan on Salman’s mind for the moment is Shah Rukh Khan. The friends-turned-foes-turned-friends are today as thick as thieves. From bonding with each other over dinner at their respective residences to cross promoting their films on social media, Salman and SRK seem to have taken their friendship to an altogether different level. So much so that one wouldn’t be surprised if both were to star together in a film. But, of course, that would take time. For the moment, it’s buddy bonding between SRK and Salman that is making news. The latter even took to Twitter to unveil the first poster SRK’s next with Imtiaz Ali with two tweets. “I’m going to tweet at 7pm today, Ek Baar jo maine commitment kar di … too much fun !” “@iamsrk ki film aa Rahi hai . Date Maine decide kar di hai . Title tum log decide kardo . Best of luck @AnushkaSharma #ImtiazAli, ” wrote Salman. Salman had earlier congragulated SRK and Team Dear Zindagi for their movie.

In Aamir’s case, while Salman had gone out of his way to promote Aamir’s Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss, this is time surprisingly there is pindrop silence from Bhai’s side as far as Dangal is concerned. While he had spoken about Aamir Khan and Dangal mildly in his earlier interviews, the promotions that one expects to see in days leading to the run up to the movie’s release is missing. Surprisingly, a fitness freak like Salman has had nothing to say about Aamir’s fat-to-fit transformation video which was trending on social networking sites yesterday. SRK’s film took precedence over all others for Salman. So, is Salman miffed with Aamir? Sources suggest that Bhai was certainly not happy with Aamir choosing to voice his opinion over his (Salman) raped woman comment just near the release of Sultan while at the same time SRK chose to stay mum over the episode. “Aamir and Salman are still friends but these days Bhai is more pally with SRK. They get on like a house on fire whenever they meet each other. They have even discussed the possibility of doing a film,” says a source. And where does that leave Aamir, one wonders. Says a source, “Aamir has enough starpower to pull in audience although he did piggyback on Sultan’s shoulders by unveiling the first poster of Dangal around Salman’s movie’s release date. He has anyway decided not to promote Dangal on any TV shows including Bigg Boss. For the moment, Salman too may let Dangal pass and stay away from promoting it when Aamir himself is not keen on television show promotions. But then Salman being Salman may have a change of mind at the last minute if Aamir gives him a call.”
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