Aditya Chopra says Ranveer Singh is the new Shah Rukh Khan, leaves him in tears

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Ranveer Singh is teary-eyed as he is called the new Shah Rukh Khan by Befikre director Aditya Chopra.

Aditya Chopra’s Befikre, starring Ranveer Singh to release on December 9.

A few days before Befikre’s release, Aditya Chopra has a special message for Ranveer Singh. The director called him the next Shah Rukh Khan in a note shared by Yash Raj Films on their Twitter handle. Ranveer, who was in Delhi to promote the film, read out the note without knowing what was in store for him.

The actor read out some excerpts from the note for the media. In the note, Aditya described how nobody but Ranveer could have played Dharam. He wrote, “Even before I knew that I would be directing the film, I knew Ranveer would be the lead of the film.” He added, “I have directed only one leading man all my life which was Shah Rukh Khan. And any director who has worked with him knows how easy he is. You can’t get over him. But before I could do a film with him, I wanted to do a film without him.”

The 45-year-old director added, “I was really scared. I was scared because all the films that we have done together, Shah Rukh is the reason I’ve come out looking good. Am I going to be exposed now? It would have been unfair to make Ranveer go through the pressure or on me. So, I didn’t think about it and dived into making the film with a new leading man. But a strange thing happened, the first day I directed Ranveer, he was Shah Rukh for me. The same energy, same brilliance and same intellect. I knew I was in safe hand. It isn’t that he acts like him but the way Shah Rukh hides my flaws, Ranveer did the same for me.”

Read Aditya Chopra’s special message to Ranveer Singh:

An emotional Ranveer took a minute’s time as he accepted the effusive respect coming his way from India’s top-notch director. While the media had a lot of questions to ask, the Bajirao Mastani actor refused to say anything and could be seen teary-eyed.

Well, in earlier interviews, Ranveer has said that he is not trying to ape Shah Rukh Khan but with the statement made by Aditya Chopra, we are eager to see if this film is going to change the 31-year-old actor’s career graph so far.
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