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There's a good reason why Anushka Sharma is Pantene's brand ambassador. We've almost never caught her on a dull hair day. But it takes a lot of work. Take it from the actor:     
Ask ques: We've established that you've never been afraid of experimenting. You've changed your hairdo so often!
Anushka Sharma: I love experimenting with my hair. Even when I went in for a wob, I loved it. But you can only experiment with your hair when it's healthy. You need to give your hair the right nourishment and use the right products. Especially in my profession – since I’m constantly subjecting my hair to chemicals, heat, dust and pollution – I have to choose products that protect my hair from damage. I’ve been using Pantene’s new best ever Total Damage Care range and it’s worked wonders for my hair!
Ask ques: What's your skincare regime like?
AS: I try to do simple but effective things to keep my skin healthy. This may sound like a cliché, but I drink tons and tons of water. Also, eating right is very important, and I make sure I take off all my make-up before sleeping.
Ask ques: So what do you stick to when you're trying to eat right?
AS: Yes, eating healthy is key. Eat right and you'll see the quality of your skin and hair improve along with your basic health. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. In fact, I've turned vegetarian over the course of the last 10 months or so and I love it. I definitely don't subscribe to diets that urge you to starve yourself.
Ask ques: What's your workout routine like?
AS: I'm very particular about my workouts and I try not to miss them even when I'm shooting. I'm more into weight training and strength training.
Ask ques: What's your go to make-up look?
AS: Minimal make-up for sure. I don't like the cakey look. In lipsticks, it would have to be soft pinks, peach and corals. I like to keep it simple.
Ask ques: Hair up or hair down – you prefer?
AS: Honestly, it depends on what I'm wearing. I really loved the wob I had, it's grown out now though. On a bad hair day, I usually wear a top knot.
Ask ques: How do describe your personal style?
AS: I think it's just important to be comfortable in whatever you're wearing. I personally love the minimal look. Crop tops, T-shirts, denims and summer dresses are my go-to. I'm most comfortable in these. I also absolutely love dresses with pockets!
Interview by elle magazine

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