I don’t wear my stardom like a tuxedo. I wear it like a T-shirt, says Shah Rukh Khan

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Kabhi actor Kabhi doctor: Shah Rukh Khan turns into a total philosopher in his recent interview with Anupama Chopra.

There are rich men. There are philosophers. There are actors. There are superstars. Then there is Shah Rukh Khan who is the combination of everything we have mentioned so far. The actor who started off as a dark-skinned Fauji on television soon conquered the show business and became the unofficial ambassador of romance. It is very difficult to not stop and stare at him at once if you happen to cross SRK’s picture with a news item.
Recently the actor turned 51 and much like the old wine, Shah Rukh Khan seems to be growing better with age. Many books can be written about the sassy Mr Khan who always has the perfect answer for everything with a correct tone of sarcasm (highly misunderstood by many). You can ask him one question several times and be sure the answers will be delivered with a different kind of wit each time.
Shah Rukh was interviewed by film critic Anupama Chopra recently. In what could’ve been a professional celeb chat turned into a candid heart-to-heart conversation. Speaking about his profession, the actor told Anupama Chopra,”I’ve made an art and profession out of loving women who are going to get married to someone, are already married or engaged. I run after them, and I get them from wherever they are. Sometimes through my charm, sometimes I throw them off the building. I think I have a problem.”

Looking back at his career, whenever this king of romance played Rahul or Raj onscreen, most of the times he fell for women who were engaged to an Aman (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) or Kuljeet (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge). Speaking about his lesser hit film Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna he made sure to clarify that the man who took Rani Mukherji to a hotel room was his body double and not him.
There were moments when the actor turned critically narcissistic. Enviously he reminded us that the superstar is all that we can never be and so not modest about it. “I can be very modest and say it’s a very regular life, it’s normal. But obviously, it’s not normal. There’s no other place I’d rather be. I love being loved. I love being a big star. I love being in the public eye. I love being criticized. I love being controversy-ed. I love being Shah Rukh Khan.”
What’s sexy about SRK? “KKK,..Kiran? Rahul naam toh suna hi hoga? Nay. Look what SRK finds sexy.


“I want to learn how to cook Italian food. I think it’s very sexy. And I’ve got all the other sexy qualities. I’ve got a tattoo on! I want to learn ten songs on a guitar and sing them to every woman in the world. 10 songs on a guitar, an open jeep, Italian food cooking abilities…looks, I have. Yeah, I’m a full package man, come on! I deserve to be a superstar. (laughs) And I’m humble. “
What worth is an interview with SRK without a little bit of gyaan.
“As long as they make movies, there are going to be people outside Mannat to see me. I always had this belief – if I ever join cinema, I’d be the biggest star in the world. I may become that, I may not. But I wake up with that belief every day. When you’ve been working 25 years of your life and you’re working 18 hours a day, what keeps you going? Why should I find this exciting? Every morning to wake up and act without a break for 25 years. Nearly 12-13 years of my life have gone in doing this. What excites me is the belief. That till they make movies, they will love me. And when they’re not there (which will never happen), maybe it’s only because they’ve changed their places. So maybe I’ll go and buy a house there, I’m rich enough to do that! It’s a belief of an innocent child and it can never be wrong.”
Finally, he added. “I don’t wear my stardom like a tuxedo. I wear it like a T-shirt. And that’s how it should be. If you’re a real star you don’t need to prove it in any other way than being gentlemanly, kind and cool.”
You may want to skip his movies that are dolling out to mediocrity but his gyaan is worth a wit.
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