Sonakshi Sinha reveals the secret of her weight-loss

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Sonakshi Sinha is looking leaner these days. The actress, who has knocked off a few extra kilos, shared the secret of her fab figure with BT. It's so simple, you'll be surprised.

"I just stopped eating junk," she says, adding, "When I started shooting for Noor, I stopped working out because of the hectic schedule. So, I decided to approach food in a different way. I do gorge on my mom's delicious food, but when it starts showing on the body, I stop."

The actress has often been written about for her weight. When asked if nasty comments triggered her weight-loss move, she says, "I block negative energy, I don't assign importance to irrelevant opinions. I was bullied in school for being an overweight teenager, but I remained proud of who I was. When I entered the industry, I came down to 60 kilos from 90 because it's a visual medium and looks do matter. Regardless of my weight, my debut film Dabangg was a huge hit. So, who is anyone to tell me how I should be?"
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