'I was denied an award for Lootera 'Sonakshi Sinha :

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Sonakshi Sinha is the quintessential 100 crore heroine. Her recent performances has added much required gravitas to her star stature. She has been striving to prove that she is much more than a singing dancing mainstream lead.
From a point where she was questioned about not doing meaty roles or characters, she has came a long way. First it was Lootera and now her latest film Akira will release on 2 September, 2016. Sonakshi Sinha gets candid on The Firstpost Show about a variety of things.
Sinha starts by talking about how she wanted to be a fashion designer before she entered the film industry. She had just graduated from college and 'had lost some weight'. When she was approached by Arbaaz Khan for Dabangg, it was totally sudden and unexpected. But she's glad that she finally found her calling.
There are very few conjectures about her and no one has an idea about her inner circle of friends. Sonakshi clarified that her inner circle is not from the industry and that they are the ones who keep her grounded.
In a fun and quick rapid fire game, she spoke about award shows and she went on to talk about a hilarious experience she had during an award show hosted by a publication.
Post Lootera, she attended an award show she was invited for. She expected to win it but she did not. Later she got an apology message from the editor of the publication telling her that the other actress who won the award was given that because her movie did better at the box office.
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Sonakshi Sinha

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