Akshay Kumar has already shot ‘Enthiran 2.0’ climax fight scene with Rajinikanth

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Fans may have seen Superstar Rajinikanth take down an army, but it looks like he has met his match in ‘Enthiran 2.0’, with Akshay Kumar playing the villainous role. Bollywood’s ‘khiladi’ will reportedly take on Rajinikanth in an epic fight scene that has already been shot. Stunt director Stunt Silva revealed that both the interval and climax fight sequences have already been shot and it will see Dr Richard (Akshay), who turns into a crow as a result of a freak experiment take on Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) the robot scientist. The film that is being made on a whopping budget of Rs 350 crore, will hit theatres in 2017. The first look of the film will be out next month, November. While this is Aki’s first film with the south superstar, it is also after a very long time that we will see him play a villainous role in a film after a forgettable ‘Aflatoon’ back in the ‘90s that saw him in a twin role.
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