Salman Khan & family not moving out of Galaxy Apartments

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By now, every 'Salmaniac' knows the superstar's home address is 'Galaxy Apartments' in Bandra Mumbai. This is where Salman Khan has lived all his life with his extended family of parents and siblings.

Though the apartment is acutely cramped for the large Khan family and their swarm of visitors every day-the joke is, anyone can walk into the Khan household claiming to be a family friend-any indication of a relocation to a bigger place has so far been firmly cut down. Suddenly, now there are reports that Salman and his family are moving out of 'Galaxy Apartment' into a high-rise building named 'Little Star' on Linking Road.

The report first appeared in a Mumbai tabloid on Wednesday morning and has since then gone viral.

Turns out, it is a hoax story. Salman is not moving out of his family home any time in the near future. Says Salman Khan's brother Sohail Khan, "No, the family is not moving. No idea where these reports came from."

Another source close to the Khan family adds, "For years, Salman Khan has lived in one room in 'Galaxy Apartments' which is not even large enough to house his clothes and shoes. But, he refuses to leave to a larger place without his parents. His father Salim Saab won't hear of it. He is too attached to the apartment where all his children grew up. So, Salman won't move away either. One reason why Salman has shunned marriage is because he fears his wife would force him to move away from his parents."

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