Happy Birthday, Rajinikanth! 13 iconic dialogues of Thalaivar that are etched in our mind

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The superstar of the South Rajinikanth turns 68 today!

Repeat this line. Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadiri.Did you just end up saying it in Rajinikanth style? We knew you did! Who would have thought that a bus conductor from Bangalore would become India’s biggest superstar one day? Who would have thought the words uttered by Shivaji Rao Gaikwad would be treated as cult dialogues one day?

The superstar is basking in the success of his latest release 2.0 that is making records worldwide. We will soon get to see him spread his charm once again on the silver screen as he returns with Petta. As the fans are celebrating Thalaivar’s birthday and also the mega success of his latest release 2.0, let us add more flavour to Rajini festivities by mentioning few of his most iconic punch lines which are etched in mind of all the fans of Thalaivar. Here are the 13 best punchlines of Rajinikanth:

16 Vayadhinile - Idhu eppdi irukku?(How's this?)

Murattu Kaalai- See-eeviduven! (I'll chop off your head!)

Muthu - Naan eppo varuven, epdi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu. Aana vara vendiya nerathula correcta vandhuduven (No one can tell when or how I'll arrive -- but I always do, when the time is right)

Arunachalam - Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran (God commands, I obey)

Annamalai - Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollathathiyum seiven (I'll do what I say. I'll also do what I don't say)

Sivaji - Pera kettaale chumma adhirudhulla! (Doesn't everything quake at the mere mention of my name?)

Padayappa - En vazhi, thani vazhi(My way is my own)

Baasha - Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadiri (If I say something even once, it's as though I've said it a hundred times)

Sivaji - Kannaaa Panniga Thaa Kutama Varu Singam Singala Tha Varum (Only pigs walk in crowd, a lion walks alone)

Padayappa - Athikkama aassai padurai ambalaiyum Athikkama kovapadurei pombalaiyum .. Nala vazhnthaitha sarithiramai kidaiyathu(Even in history, an extremely greedy man and an extremely angry woman have never lived well)

Lingaa – Naan yendha vellaiya irundhalum yen manasuku pudicha dhaan seiven (Whatever the work may be, I do it only if I like it)

Padayappa - Poda... aandavane namma pakkam irukkan (Go man… the God is on our side now)

Padayappa - Kashta padama ethivum kadaikathu kashta padama kedachathu ennikume nelaikaathu(One cannot achieve anything without hard work, and if he does, that success wont last long)

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