Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava trailer: Jr. NTR embarks on a journey of self-discovery in Trivikram's latest : here All about Aravinda Sametha.

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The Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava trailer is out and it was an emotional evening at the pre-release event as Tarak (Jr. NTR), Trivikram, Kalyan Ram and others interacted with the audience before unveiling the trailer.

Jr. NTR and Kalyan Ram, who recently lost their father/actor Nandamuri Harikrishna, made their first public appearance after the tragedy. As the Aravindha Sametha trailer released, the Telugu audience empathised with Tarak as he expressed his gratitude to Trivikram but was mostly at loss of words while he mourned his father's loss on stage.

Jr. NTR in a promo still from Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava. Image via Twitter
This is the first time the cult director Trivikram and Jr. NTR have collaborated. The trailer has crossed 4 million views overnight and looks like it turned out to be everything that ardent fans of the duo have been looking forward to.

The trailer for Aravindha Sametha, starring Jr. NTR, Pooja Hegde, Sunil, Jagapathi Babu and Supriya Pathak among others, suggests the film is more than just an action drama. What seemed initially like an out-and-out action potboiler after the release of the teaser, now provides us a deeper look into the crux of this story as the film's trailer proves the film could be an emotional roller-coaster.

The trailer opens with Jr. NTR's character seemingly smitten by Pooja Hegde. He lives in the city away from the dirty politics happening back in his native town where the legacy of violence has been passed on for generations in his family. 

Soon, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, he too goes the extra mile for his people, ready to take on opponents with different political ideals from his own. It is during the introduction of this crux that we also see Supriya Pathak as Jr NTR's grandmother and the strong-headed one.

Through the pre-release event and also in the trailer, the message of "Gudava Rakunda Aputhadu Chudu, Vadu Gopodo" (One who stops a fight even before it starts is a great human) is constantly highlighted in this rather raw drama.

Aravindha Sametha is driven by a part romantic and part dramatic background score by Thaman S. The composer seems to have gone down on the mass quotient this time around and given tracks more subtlety, going with the tone of the film.

Jagapathi Babu, once again is seen in a grey shade, like many of his recent films, especially Rangasthalam.

Now, there is much hype to reveal how NTR and Trivikram have treated this plot and if they have after all departed from mass angles and backed a different formula this time around.

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava is all set to hit screens this Dussehra.

Audio Review: Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: S. Radha Krishna
Production Company: Haarika & Hassine Creations
Music: S Thaman
Starring: Jr NTR,

So give by talented Thaman, let’s now see how this album turns out to be.
Song 1: Yeda Poyinado
Analysis: The album starts off with a serious number Yeda Poyinado. The theme of the song showcases a lot of pain and Thaman makes sure that his orchestration gives a haunting feel to the number. Kailash Kher and Nikita Srivalli’s singing are an added bonus and what clicks with the song is the emotional chorus which can give you goosebumps while watching this heartfelt song on screen.

Song 2: Anaganaganaga
Analysis: The second song is Anaganaganaga which is a simple yet fun romantic number where the hero talks about the heroine’s beauty and how she has impressed him. The song has a traditional touch to it and the mood has been kept light by Thaman. The song takes its own time to grow and once you listen to it multiple times, you will fall in love with it. The lyrics are poetic as the song has Trivikram’s mark written all over it.

Song 3: Peniviti
Analysis:  The third song and the best one in the album is Peniviti. An emotional number which showcases the pain of the women in the Ralayaseema region. The soulful song is all about the tensions and problems that the wives go through when their husbands are away. What clicks with the song is the tune. Though its sound familiar, the rhythmic nature hits you instantly. Ram Jogayya Sastry’s lyrics touch your heart as this Thaman composition will leave its mark for years to come.

Song 4: Reddy Ikkada Soodu
Analysis:  The last song in the album is Reddy Ikkada Soodu which is the same old mass number which is specially added to the album just for the mass audience. The tune is ordinary and so are the lyrics. Daler Mehendi’s singing makes this otherwise routine number a bit interesting. This song might click only after you see NTR’s crazy dance moves on screen.

Over Verdict:-
There was a lot of expectation from Thaman as he was teaming up with Trivikram for the first time. But looks like the ace composer has given importance to the emotions in the film rather than churning out commercial numbers. Peniviti and Anaganaganaga will be chartbusters and are our picks. From the album of Aravinda Sametha .

Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava is releasing tomorrow in the theatres. There are high expectations on this project and we just can not bring you the review as early as possible. Meanwhile, Umair Sandhu, the UAE based movie lover who usually gives reviews for the films before the release is said to have watched the film at a censor screening. He is said to have liked the film and raved about it. He said that the blockbuster is on the way for Jr NTR.

"Another Blockbuster this Year! Jr NTR is in Terrific form. Tarak fans will love it!  JrNTR looks a million bucks and is the major highlight of the film. The way he has balanced his character especially during the climax is out standing. NTR’s body language and dialogue modulation are at peaks during this part.

Aravinda Sametha Realising Tomorrow
On 11 October.

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