Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi song Swag saha nahi jaye: Sonakshi Sinha’s energetic moves make it the grooviest song of the year

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Check out this new song from Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi.
A sequel to Happy Bhag Jayegi is upon us. But this time, it won’t have Diana Penty running away from her marriage but Sonakshi Sinha. Last time, the bride landed in Pakistan but this time, it’s China. But it’s still rooted in Punjab, so you will have Sonakshi uttering some funny Punjabi one-liners. There’s also Jassie Gill to add some tadka to the mix. Today the makers revealed the first song from the film which has Sonakshi getting ready for her wedding. She looks really happy with all the preparations and is happily joining in on the fun. There’s also Jimmy Sheirgill again as a groom waiting to get married but since this is the story of runaway brides, we doubt he gets his girl this time as well. Check out the song right here…

The first film was all about Happy, who was being forced to get married to a gangster just because he fancied her. But since she was already in love with Guddu, she runs away and lands in a politician’s house in Pakistan. The best part about the film is that despite being a story that includes two warring neighbours like India and Pakistan, it never tried to talk about who is better than the other. India and China are not on great terms either. We hope the same thing will be done for this film as well.
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