[Photos] Saif taken up his daddy duties for taimur the day.

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Taimur was spotted taking a stroll with Saif Ali Khan in Bandra this morning...

Taimur shares quite a bond with the paparazzi. I mean, although he’s too young to understand why they chase him with the cameras and click his pictures but considering it’s been this way ever since he’s born, he seems to have gotten used it. Say for that matter, now a days he even points out towards the shutterbugs the minute he sees them around. , while he was swinging in his balcony, he noticed the shutterbugs waiting down and beamed with amazement. Such is the kind of bond he shares with the paparazzi or let’s just call them his ‘papz friends’. However, today his nanny seemed to be more excited than him! 

We just got our hands on these recent pictures of Saif Ali Khan and Taimur from the streets of Bandra and there…there…look at his nanny being all amused looking at the paparazzi. Perhaps, she was trying to tell Taimur that look your friends are here but he seemed to be lost in his own dream world. Check out the pictures below:

Saif Ali Khan spotted with Taimur in Bandra today

Recently, Kareena had mentioned how Taimur doesn’t react to the cameras but only when someone calls out his name. “I feel it’s getting used to his name being called out [by paparazzi] and not particularly the cameras around. I don’t think he can make out that he’s being clicked. He’s still too small for that [right now].”

And here is today taimur cutest pictures 

PS: Kareena is currently in Delhi attending an event with Karan Johar, while Saif as you can see, has taken up his daddy duties for the day. Keep watching this space for more updates.
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