An introvert, a recluse and an insanely talented actor, Ranbir has proved he is more than just a Kapoor

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Ranbir is perhaps the only actor of his generation to have been able to survive long enough by doing nothing

Ranbir Kapoor is a dichotomy that’s hard to solve. His last name represents everything that’s stands for showbiz and glamour; it symbolises the industry he works in and reeks of affluence and a family whose generations have celebrated acting. But Ranbir is an exception to everything that the Kapoor Khandan stands for. Unlike his father, Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir has no presence on or affinity towards social media, his cousin sister Kareena Kapoor is the epitome of what makes fodder for gossip and fills the pages of tabloid fashion columns, yet RK is distant and aloof from all of this.

Ranbir is perhaps the only actor of his generation to have been able to survive long enough by doing nothing. When I say nothing , I mean that he’s a recluse who only surfaces during the time of a movie release. There are no events planned around him, he’s choosy about the endorsements he signs and extremely careful about the statements he makes in his interview. His only candid conversation with a senior journalist a few years back after his breakup with Katrina Kaif, despite its honesty, felt rehearsed and scripted. Maybe because RK is an actor for the love of the craft, and not because of the expectations his family name brings.

Which brings me to the release of his next film – Sanju. A project that is easily the biggest risk of his career. When the film hits the screens on Friday, Sanjay Dutt’s personal life and moments will become public, but at the same time we will be able to witness the magic that RK brings to the screen every time he decides to come out of his shell and play a different character. Ranbir’s interviews are honest yet safe unlike the films and roles he likes to play.

Whatever the outcome of Sanju might be, we hope that the experience of having played one of the most celebrated and controversial actors of our lifetime helps RK come out of his shell and shine like the prince of darkness who finally saw the light,

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