[Pic] Rajinikanth trying to catch a glimpse of his grandson Ved’s birthday cake is too cute for words

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Rajinikanth is so us!!
Rajinikanth is a complete family man. He loves to be around his daughters and their families. He has always been that way. Family has always been an important part of his existence. After the release of Kabali, he had taken off to US, quietly with his family, while his fans obsessed about his gangster movie. So when it was time for his grandson’s birthday, he flew down to India from the US, to be part of the celebrations. Ved, Soundarya’s son, turned 3 recently. The picture that she posted on her Twitter handle says a lot about how much the family loves Ved. So there’s Soundarya herself helping the kid blow out the candle perched on his cake while he looks at it, clearly amused. Lata Rajinikanth is ready to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ jingle with kids all around. But it’s Rajinikanth’s expression that makes the picture look so cute. He is trying really hard to see how the boy is cutting the cake or maybe just wants to see how the cake looks like. 

It’s so fascinating to see Rajinikanth in real life. He is perhaps the most humble superstar we have ever come across. There is no air of superiority around him. He is a demi-God for his fans and yet the man doesn’t care. We are used to seeing our superstars being very careful about what they wear but here he is, looking as simple as anyone we know. There’s so much to learn from the man called Rajinikanth. Check out the picture and you will know what we are saying…

Kala’s audio will be released soon and hopefully, the film will release next month.
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