Kaala music review: Santhosh Narayanan offers a varied mix for Rajinikanth’s latest gangsta drama

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Here's what we think of Santhosh Narayanan's latest album for Rajinikanth's Kaala.

After a long wait, Rajiniaknth’s Kaala music album is here! A grand audio launch was held at the YMCA yesterday. Rajinikanth, Dhanush, Pa Ranjith, Thalaivar’s grandsons were present at the event. A mammoth crowd turned up for the event. Even Rajiniaknth commented that this does not look like an audio but a success party! Prior to the launch, the album was released in the morning. What amkes this album very interesting is that it comes form the maker of the viral song – Nerrupu Da – Santhosh Narayanan. Not only is Pa Ranjih reuniting with Rajinikanth but Santhosh is as well. This album contains nine songs! What has he created for Thalaivar’s Kaala this time? Let’s find out: 

Semma Weightu – The album gets off to a brilliant start with this rap song! Composed by Santhosn Narayana, it’s the perfect welcome song for the one and only Thalaivar. The groovy beats, theowerful lyrics, the rapper theme – all in all Semma Weightu is a super contemporary number

Thanga Sela – Sung Shanakr Mahadevan, he brings soul to this melodious number. You can totaly picture Rajinikanth dancing to this number. The beats are pleasing and soft. Loving Santhosh Narayanan’s bold experiment with beats in this song.

Katravai Patravai – Now this is the song from the teaser – its lyrics give us a glimpse of who Kaala is! We can’t help but feel it has a Nerrupu Da hangover. It’s catchy, and makes you want to head bang but Nerrupu Da beats Katravai hands down in being the better song! The highlight – Rajinikanth has a dialogue in this song.

Kannamma – This is one song we won’t miss from the album. Somehow, it doesn’t create the impact it is supposed to, except that the flute playing in the background is soul stirring.

Kannamma acapella – Nothing like a acapella version to make us see the same song a different way! Such a beautiful rendition. We loved this version.

Urimayai Meetpom – This Qawali sung by Vijayprakash and Ananthu will not catch your attention at first but the tempo picks up momentum and two minutes into the song you feel like dancing . It has an intense vibe to it that stays with you even after the song is over.

Poraaduvom – This could work best as a background score. This rap song doesn’t create quite the impression but it suits the gangsta theme.

Theruvilakku – There’s something interesting about Theruvilakku that makes it catchy and groovy. Its unique composition catches your attention instantly.

Nikkal Nikkal -This is your ultimate gangsta theme song! With its intense beats and its repetitive chorus, we can’t wait to hear this number in the film.

Verdict – Santhosh Narayanan has pushed the envelope as far as compositions, tunes and beats are concerned,  but are all the songs as catchy as we expected them to be? May be not. But Kudos to Santhosh for bravely experimenting in the music scene.

Our picks – Semma Weightu, Thenga Sala, Nikkal Nikkal

Rating:3.0 out of 5

Review by Astarcineplex.

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