Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom new promo puts a lion against a dinosaur – watch video

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In what could be the most majestic shot in the history of Jurassic Park franchise, the new promo of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom pits a lion against a dinosaur.
In what could be the most majestic shot in the history of Jurassic Park franchise, the new promo of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom pits a lion against a dinosaur. The super short promo majorly is made up of scenes that we have seen in the earlier promotional footage. But the money shot comes right before the title card.
As we have been told that the infamous Jurassic Park will meet a volcanic end in the new film. The teasers and trailers have shown us a glimpse of the destruction. We have not been properly introduced to the world that would be after the rescued dinosaurs run amok in the city. Well, the new promo sheds light on it. We see a giant Tyrannosaurus in, what seems like, a zoo. It probably broke its way in. We see that it has made its way to the lion’s cage. And it lets out a loud roar, probably claiming its spot as the new king of the food chain. Also, we are shown the glimpse of the new dinosaur in the franchise, which looks terrifying.

Speaking of a new breed of dinosaur, it is the ‘Indoraptor,’ which like Jurassic World’s Indominus Rex, is a genetically engineered specimen of the species. Haven’t they learnt their lessons from the previous movie? Well, from the looks of it, the Indoraptor seems to be the big bad villain this time around. It can be observed in the promo that it is a very flexible creature with sharp claws and also displays enhanced intelligence.

The release date for Jurassic World got pushed ahead to June 8 in India. What’s more interesting is, now the film will release two weeks before its US release and that too, in 2300+ screens here. In fact, the screen count is even bigger than the recent release, Avengers: Infinity War, which is creating havoc at the box office. Now with screens much more than Infinity War, you can only imagine what Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom can do at the theatres. New box office records awaited?
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