Irumbu Thirai movie review: Mithran’s debut starring Vishal and Samantha is sharp, relevant and keeps you on the edge

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Here's what we thought of Irumbu Thirai starring Vishal and Samantha

Irumbu Thirai starring Vishal and Samantha together, for the first time  was a movie that was to release int he first month of 2018 but the film eventually got pushed. The Tamil Cinema Strike subsequently took over and all Tamil films, in general, saw a delay. After 45 days, the strike was called off and new releases were finalising their official date. It was finally confirmed that Irumbu Thirai would hit theatres on May 11th. Without much fanfare the makers released the trailer. The promo promised an intense, racy story keeping a relevant theme in mind. Reports suggested Irumbu Thirai ran into trouble for showing the Aaadhaar card concept in poor light. The released was also being withheld for other reasons in court. Despite the controversies, the movie hit theatres on May 11. Has this long wait been worth it? Has Vishal’s reason for backing Mithran’s debut been justified? Read on to find out…

What’s hot
Where do I begin? Let’s begin with the director – Mithran. For those who don’t know, this film marks his directorial debut and it was Vishal who backed him. After watching the film, we don’t know whether to thank Mithran for the concept or Vishal for backing him or both! With the advent of digitisation, there have been increasing online leaks, hacks and thefts. Keeping this scary scenario in mind, this cyber-thriller was the need of the hour to make people aware of how simple information can be put to wrong use. While the film begins on a breezy note, do not be fooled as the film plunges right into the theme, but only at the end of the first half. This is one of the first movies in recent times that has you hooked throughout the second half. Mithran has managed to narrate a riveting tale with a logical sequence. Every frame makes sense, nothing is out of place even a simple scene as the antagonist practising boxing.  That explains he can put up a formidable fight when needed, because of his boxing training. Every step is explained. The root of all digital hacks is also explained without getting too technical. As a debut director, he has kept it sharp, simple and most importantly relevant. Everyone likes a good story but when it’s in keeping with the times it becomes more powerful. While Mithran puts on a good show it wouldn’t have been as impressive if he wasn’t backed by an equally good team. As Major Kathir, Vishal was a natural. His angst, his sorrow, his helplessness were at real as can be.  As a military officer, he cut a fine figure. This was one of those rare movies where we awaited action scenes because Vishal played it so deftly and with such swag. Over the top was not his style for sure and we love that! Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Rathi devi complemented him perfectly as the gentle yet resilient psychiatrist. After a long time, the hero faced a formidable antagonist played by Arjun. As Sathyamoorthy, he looked and played the part to the hilt. You can say, Vishal met his match in Arjun. Special mention for the background score scored by the genius Yuvan Shankar Raja. It added the right drama to the intense plot. All in all, Irumbu Thirai was a well planned and more importantly well-executed film.

What’s not 

Here and there, the movie could have been snipped and sharpened. Also, the movie took its time to get to the main point. If we hadn’t known it could have been misjudged to be a breezy romantic drama. But these loopholes are not so overpowering that it ruins your movie watching experience. Just loose stitches that need a little tightening.

What should You do 

Please go watch Irumbu Thirai for the story, for the lead pair – Vishal – Samantha, for Mithran and for the epic background score, Did we miss something?

Rating:3.5 out of 5

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