High five Taimur Ali Khan! Weekend is finally here – view HQ pics

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Look how Taimur Ali Khan just waved at the paparazzi!

It’s amusing how we relate our mood of the day with Kareena’s son Taimur Ali Khan’s pictures. I mean, every time we spot him, there’s this peculiar expression on his face that exactly sums up our current state of mind. Take for instance these latest pics that have just come to us. After a long day at school, the way Taimur is looking at the cameras is almost like him asking, “Are we finally done with school for this week? Can I enjoy my weekend now?” Moreover, noticing how he also has a high five there is further making us want to high five him and say, “Yes, yes, Friday is finally here!” 

That way, Taimur has an equally busy week. Despite being just 16 months old, his daily routine is as such that he not only has to wake up and go to school but also bear with the paparazzi who are his biggest fans, diligently chasing to capture his pictures. Now that in itself is a huge pressure to live up to at such a young age. But he’s doing a pretty well having befriended the photogs, already. Check out the new pictures below:

Taimur spotted returning from school today

When Saif was asked about this paparazzi attention on Taimur, he said, “The more you hide, the more aggressive they will get. I wanted to avoid that push and shove. It’s better to give them that pic. I told Bebo to hold his hand and make him wave to the photographers. Also, I feel, why should Taimur be treated any different from other children out there. People put up their baby pictures.”

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