Esha Deol shares the FIRST PIC of her baby Radhya and she’s truly an angel

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Just how beautiful is Esha Deol's daughter, Radhya! Here's the first pic

And finally we get a glimpse of Esha Deol’s darling daughter Radhya. Just how beautiful is she! After having kept her away from the media glare for about good 7 months since birth, Esha decided to introduce her angel to the world this morning as she took to Twitter saying, “Radhya Takhtani … our darling daughter @bharattakhtani3 #radhyatakhtani.” Isn’t she like replica of Esha? No wonder a few months back, Esha had posted her own childhood pic on Instagram and teased fans by saying, “A glimpse of Radhya.” because the mother is herself amazed looking at her daughter’s striking resemblance to her.

That way, Esha is a rather private actress. She might be on social media but she doesn’t believe in updating anything and everything that goes on in her life. Precisely also the reason why it took 7 months for Esha to share her daughter’s first picture. Esha’s husband Bharat too is of a similar opinion and believes in sharing the little joys of life with his partner than with the entire world. “It’s hard to express how happy i feel today! I think the baby looks like me and when she smiles, the world smiles at you. Esha and her bonding is divine” stated the thrilled father when Radhya was born on October 23, 2017.

Esha Deol shares the first picture of her daughter, Radhya

Esha Deol got married to Bharat on June 29, 2012. During her pregnancy, Esha had revealed how she can’t thank her stars enough for introducing her to Bharat, the man of her dreams”Over the last five years, Bharat and I have become as thick as thieves. Since I’m pregnant, I’m prone to mood swings now but he’s tolerated them and is extremely protective. He’s also my best critic, encouraging me in everything I do. At the risk of sounding filmi, I’ll say I wouldn’t want to change anything, life’s beautiful!” Indeed, it is. Here’s sending much love to this adorable family.

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