Dhanush’s Hollywood debut – The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir premieres at Cannes 2018

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Dhnaush's The Extraordinary Journey of a fakir will hit theatres on May 30.

Tamil star Dhanush is currently at Cannes 2018 to promote his upcoming Hollywood debut – The Extraordinary Journey of a Fakir. He has shared pics of the team at the red carper promoting the upcoming film. This is a big deal for Kollywood as Dhanush debuts at one of the most prestigious film festivals – Cannes. Apart from promoting the film, The Extraordinary Journey of a Fakir will also premiere at Cannes. With 15 days to go for the offical release, the buzz around the movie will only grow further with its premiere at Cannes. This is a movie fans have been long waiting for, after all Dhanush is entering the international circuit with this movie. The Extraordinary Journey fo a fakir is based on a novel written by Romain Puertolas titled ‘The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA cupboard’ 

The film centers around Ajatshatrua Lavash Patel and his journey. After his mother passes away, he sets out on a quest to look for his father and that’s when his unexpected journey begins! The movie also stars Abel Jafri. Barjhan Abdi, Berenice, and Erin Moriarty. The movie has been shot across India, Brussels, Paris, Rome. “What’s great is I get to work with a great actor, Dhanush, who is a huge star in India, he’s a great actor, but also a great dancer, a great singer, he has a unique way of dancing and moving, he’s just very charming,” stated the director Ken Scott while speaking with Variety. The posters and the teaser promises a fun-filled globetrotting adventure. We can’t wait.

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