Deadpool 2 movie review: There’s no stopping the merc in this exceptionally funny sequel

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Ryan Reynolds opens up the door to a bigger series of sarcastic superheroes adventures

The wait is finally over, for Deadpool 2 has hit the screens. To all the hardcore superhero fans, who had a tough time staying away from social media for lest they accidentally read a spoiler, here’s our take on how good the movie really is. Before I even start writing this review, you should know one thing, Deadpool can NEVER disappoint. The character itself is so lovable and relatable, that it instantly struck a chord with its fans when it originally released in 2016. The makers of this foul-mouthed superhero took two years to return with a sequel. The film is definitely funnier and weirder than its prequel and will keep you hooked throughout. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have done a commendable job in taking some hilarious digs at various superheroes, not sparing even the Marvel ones. For the ones who think they are still recuperating from Avengers: Infinity War fever and had an overdose of superhero movies this year, Deadpool is delightfully different. It’s not an ordinary superhero movie (trust me on this). Its layered and that’s the beauty of it. It lives up to its hype and the fans of this ‘merc with a mouth’ character will not be disappointed. Some may adore the film, others will find it kiddish and gross. In the end it all depends on how you choose to look at it. So why do we really fall in the first category? Let’s find out…

What’s it about

Since it’s a superhero movie, it will always be about A saving B and killing C in the process. Yes, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) too, sticks to the basic norm when the foul mouthed Marvel hero vows to save a mutant kid (Julian Dennison) from a mighty villain. No points for guessing whom are we referring to? The soldier from future, Cable (Josh Brolin) can travel through space and he needs no ‘stones’ for that ( pun intended). But since he’s a super soldier, Deadpool can’t really take on him single – handedly. So he decides to form his own team of professional superheroes to outwit him (Cable) and names it, you know what,  X – Force. The fight to save the kid and be a better human being is how we can sum up the entire movie for you.

What’s Hot? 

Where should I even start? Ryan Reynolds is outstanding in the entire movie. He effortlessly nails his anti-hero character and makes you wonder if he’s your favourite superhero of all time! The humour is AMAZING. The makers have taken a dig at almost every other superhero including Hawkeye, Batman and Superman. You will find yourself beaming from ear to ear on most of the occasions and you can blame the dialogues for giving you a major stomach ache. Self praising, hilarious and fourth wall breaking lines will keep you entertained throughout the film. While we have seen many superheroes movies till date, who catered to typical family audiences, Deadpool is different. It’s gross and justifies its R- rating which ultimately works in its favour. The fact that the director has tried to embed some emotions in this otherwise humorous movie is commendable. You will see yourself giggling in some of the scenes and the very next moment, you are dead serious. Many believed that Deadpool was a gamble that the makers played when they introduced a superhero that’s so rude and adult in its content. Well, the gamble was definitely successful. And its sequel justifies the same definition and takes it a notch higher instead.

What’s Not 

The movie has pace issues. It gets a bit tiring in the first half. Fortunately the movie gains momentum in the second half and then it’s unstoppable. Also the makers waste a considerable time to reveal the real reason behind Cable’s obsession with that child. Josh Brolin is alright after Infinity War but as a villain? Nah, not really. It would be revealing a spoiler if I mention anything else about the villain. Action scenes could have been better but I would ignore it since I personally enjoyed the one between Brolin and Zazie.

What to do?

If you are a Deadpool fan, you won’t let our review be the deciding factor. And if you are not, you should book your tickets ASAP. It’s a must watch and you won’t be disappointed. For Ryan’s sake and a cameo that would stun you, the movie should be definitely on your bucket list this weekend.

P.S. Yes the movie has one of the best post credit scenes and you will hear yourself screaming from the top of your voice.

Rating:4 out of 5

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