An excited Taimur leaves mommy Kareena’s hand to pose for the papz and we have captured it in 5 clicks

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Like mother, like son! Yet again, Taimur proves he is a mini version of Kareena Kapoor Khan!

Don’t even get us started to prove how much Taimur loves the cameras! The way his face lights up every time he spots the paparazzi says it all. Or say for that matter, even Saif had once mentioned, “You have to see how he looks at a camera. If you point your phone at him, he will look at you. It’s just that way ever since he was born.” Perhaps, he has inherited this love for the camera from his diva-like mom Kareena Kapoor Khan who for all that you know has always, mind you, ALWAYS been the center of attraction. But wait until you check out these recent set of pictures of Taimur where he’s almost trying to surpass his mom in the posing department. 

The cutest mother-daughter duo were spotted catching up with their family last evening. However, the minute Taimur spotted the paparazzi, he let go off Kareena’s hand and waved at the photogs. In fact, he was beaming with joy and was almost about to run towards his paparazzi friends before Kareena caught hold of his hand and took him inside. Even Kareena was amused looking at her mini-me being so happy about posing for the cameras.

Check out Taimur’s pictures below and you will know what we are trying to say

Not to mention, just how adorable does Taimur look in his man-bun! He has been sporting this new look since the last few days and we can’t help but crush harder on this little bundle of joy. How so cute Taimur? Only if we could meet him and ask him this with a big hug!

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