The Incredibles 2 new trailer: This one gives more glimpse into the movie and makes the wait even more difficult – watch video

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The new trailer of The Incredibles 2 is here
Fans of The Incredibles, who have been desperately waiting for the sequel are jumping with joy right now as the new trailer of the second part has been dropped. Although it gives more glimpse into the film, but it has made the waiting game even more difficult. The first official trailer was unveiled during NBC’s Olympics coverage on the night of February 15. And we came to know that this time Mr Incredible will sort of take a back seat as it will be his wife, Elastigirl, who will take the lead and fight with the bad guys. The second trailer shows us some new footage from the film. There is this mysterious “tycoon” Winston Deavor, who wants to bring superheros back to the limelight despite their continued illegality. And Deavor is more interested in Elastigirl than Mr. Incredible. With Jack-Jack still an infant, Mr Incredible decides to become the stay-at-home dad as we see him try to help Dash with his math homework and take care of Jack-Jack, who has a lot of superpowers (something that we learnt at the end of the first film). The youngest member of the Parr family will play a big role in the movie, and personally, I am very much looking forward to see the cute and little one.

Fan favourite, Edna Mode makes a return in the sequel. How can we forget that scene when she shows the superhero suits to Elastigirl in her office in the first movie? We can’t wait to see her again since she is hardly there in the trailer. And there is Mr. 

Incredible’s goofy best friend Frozone a.k.a. Lucius Best too. Watch the new trailer of The Incredibles 2 right here: 

There was an uncertainty when it came to the 
sequel of The Incredibles. The first film came out in 2004 and fans loved it so much that they kept asking Disney  to make the second part. Disney listened to them as they surprised the attendees of their D23 Expo in 2017 by showing them a footage of the sequel, which was a confirmation that The Incredibles would return. How did you like the new trailer of The Incredibles 2? Let us know in comments below.
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