Taimur Ali Khan goes from squealing with joy to being curious to cranky in a matter of seconds – view HQ pics

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Taimur Ali Khan is back to make our Monday better!

Spotting Taimur Ali Khan having a regular day, being cute, is something we are all guilty of doing. It’s our favourite pastime. Everything about this little Khan is adorable. We have already done a plethora of stories on him and are still not bored writing. In fact, his many moods make us wait for more sightings of the little nawab. Say, for example, this recent one. In a matter of seconds, he went from looking curiously at the paparazzi to breaking down in tears. We don’t really know what made the kid so upset that he teared up but we feel it could be the heat. The Mumbai heat is searing! 

Since a few days Taimur has been spotted next to the swimming pool. Previously, he was with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor waiting to take a dip. He had to be restrained by his daddy. Here, too, he can be seen getting really excited to see the pool. We are pretty sure he squealed with delight at the sight of water. Later, when he started staring at the paparazzi, he went from being curious to downright cranky. Check out pictures of the cutie right here…

You should see the happiness in his face when he spots the pool. His pictures with his father is one of the best ones. Taimur certainly loves taking a dip!
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