It took three months for Shahid Kapoor to share Misha’s this picture and we demand to know why?

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Shahid Kapoor shares yet another adorable picture with daughter Misha

Let us all thank Shahid Kapoor and his darling daughter Misha for setting the tone just right for our Friday evening. The actor took to his Instagram account to share a rather adorable picture of himself with Misha that melted our hearts instantly. While we don’t need a reason to fawn over the actor’s little princess, yet there are occasions when she makes us want to stop and stare in awe. On days when Kareena’s Prince Charming, Taimur fails to bring a smile on our face by refusing to make an appearance, it’s Misha who comes to our rescue. She’s the reason why we beam from ear to ear and we hope the saga never ends. 

It was after three months that Shahid Kapoor finally decided to share a cute picture of his darling daughter, Misha, and make us all gush about her. His last picture with the toddler was posted in Janaury and we wonder as to what took him so long! Especially for an actor who is a social media addict, we wonder what must made him not upload her pictures on his Instagram account. Yes, we agree that he’s a doting father and hates all the attention surrounding his princess. But that’s the only way his fans get to see her and stay in touch with the actor, right? Sasha’s latest picture has the actor smiling coyly at his daughter who’s showing him her cute dance moves. He’s extremely proud of all the progress she makes everyday and can’t stop gushing about it. The fact that she inherits his dancing skills is another joy he’s willing to share with all his crazy fans. Misha is daddy’s little girl and the apple of mommy’s eyes. The actor hates it when he has to stay away from her and that’s a notion shared by every parent. 

The fact that Misha is already an year old makes us wonder how soon does time fly. While Shahid was once considered to be a Casanova, he is now setting an example of being the best husband and the best dad. In fact, he’s so protective of his daughter that he had even mentioned in one of his interviews that, “Whenever we meet someone who also has a three or four-month-old baby, I go ahead and say, ‘Misha bhaiya ko hello bolo (laughs) [Misha, say hello to your elder brother]’. So I’m quite crappy like that. Mera abhi se chalu ho gaya hai [I have already started being too protective].”

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