I watched Avengers: Infinity War and here’s why Thor got all my attention

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Thor aka Chris Hemsworth - you were OUTSTANDING

Curse me if you want to, but I was one of the few fortunate ones who had a chance to watch Avengers: Infinity War two days prior to its worldwide release. Perks of being an entertainment journalist or just some good karma, you can say. I was thrilled, excited, anxious and even nervous to watch Marvel’s biggest offering that lived up to its hype. The movie was a visual delight with brilliant cinematography and excellent direction by the Russo brothers. I would even call it a flawless attempt if I decide to ignore some minor glitches. It was a dream come true for any Marvel fan to see Avengers collaborate with Guardians of the Galaxy, sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange and the Wakanda King, Black Panther to fight the mighty Thanos. Okay now since I mentioned the big deadly villain, I should reconsider mentioning him again, for the movie belonged to him, hands down. If given a chance, I can write an entire essay on this splendid character who is easily the deadliest villain in MCU. But after Thanos, if there’s anyone who stood out the most for me, personally, then it is the God of Thunder – THOR. 

Where should I even begin? Chris Hemsworth as Thor was outstanding. I am glad that this Asgardian finally has movies that are as whistle worthy as any other Marvel film. After critics badly thrashed Thor: The Dark World, Chris needed a movie that would get him back in the race and something that lives up to his great character. Finally he was presented with Thor: Ragnarok that washed out all his previous setbacks. He was humorous and did we mention how good looking (that’s the girl in me talking)! After Ragnarok, Infinity War is easily the best Chris has to offer, especially the scene – (a little SPOILER ahead) where he lands on the Earth to help his fellow Avengers. That was epic to another level and someone like me, who hates screaming and cheering in theatres, was shouting and rooting for him from the top of my voice. It was a delight and fans are in for a treat for sure. Don’t miss out on that particular scene and play it on loop when the movie comes online.

Thor aka Chris Hemsworth plays a major role in Infinity War and you will know the reason once you watch the movie. His character had layers to it. He was vulnerable, angry, humorous and his camaraderie with Rocket was one of the major highlights of this film. Makers should really consider having a spin off of Rocket and Thor and we bet it would be an instant hit. Hemsworth was impressive and he deserves all your attention. Even in the department of good looks, he’s the most dapper superhero. Yes even better than Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Girls will get butterflies in their stomach every time he comes on screen. Honestly, I was never a Thor fan but admired his good looks of course. But after Infinity War, I reconsider my decision and wonder if he’s my favourite after Iron Man. The answer is definitely YES.

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