Hey Allu Arjun, you will always have an edge over other Tollywood stars – here’s why

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Happy Birthday, Allu Arjun!
He is synonymous to the Tollywood industry. Talks of Telugu films are incomplete without his mention. Recently he complete 15 years in the industry but he has so much in store for his fans. We are talking about the hugely popular Bunny aka Allu Arjun! Through all these years, the actor has proved his talent, skill on screen. His on screen persona gives out a superstar vibe that has been loved and worshiped. But there is so much more to this actor apart from his films and his talent. Today as he celebrates his 35th birthday, we want to tell you why Allu Arjun will always have an edge over other Tollywood stars:
Swag – He was recently on the cover of Maxim Steed. His well cut suits teamed with his chiseled physique gave us one helluva phototshoot. Each of the pictures oozed style and swag. When it comes to Bunny, he has always been impeccable stylish. Be it casual or suits or traditional – This actor pulls of anything with elan and panache. ’nuff said, take a look at THIS:
Incredible dancer – Allu Arjun is not just an actor in Tollywood but he has also earned the title of the ‘Best dancer’.  Whether the song ends up being a chartbuster or not, Allu Arjun’s moves become a rage anyway. He is a natural on stage, if it has taken an effort, it doesn’t show because he is one smooth dancer. There is no step or move or stunt this actor can’t pull off on stage.  Each of the female actors who work with him have to keep up with his blazing moves.
Staggering fan-base – One of those stars who a boasts of legion of fans. Not just any fans, but loyal, fierce, ready-to-die kinda of fans! They are always making his poster, teaser, song or milestone trend on social media. But it’s all mutual because Allu Arjun always makes sure to thank his fans on every special occasion.
Non Telugu speaking audience – In the last two years, his recent movies dubbed in Hindi have witnessed a record  number of  views on YouTube. In fact Sarrainodu is one of the most watched films on YouTube with 145 million views followed by DJ that clocked in 100  million views. This goes to show, Allu Arjun boasts of a wide non-Telugu speaking audience as well! He clearly has far reaching effects!
Intense performer – When it comes to Allu Arjun, there is no in between for this star. For every role, he goes all out to be the part, play the part and look it as well. For his last film, Duvvada Jagannadham, he was required to pull off two looks and  he managed to move from role to role with ease. For his next Naa Peru Suryaa, he has gone through a  complete transformation to play a military man. The crew cut, chiseled jawline and his fitter than ever physique say it all.
Now you know, why he is a cut above the rest? Happy Birthday Allu Arjun!
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