Chal Mohan Ranga movie review: Critics spotted the signs beforehand that this Nithin starrer is a complete bummer

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Chal Mohan Ranga leaves critics unimpressed

Chal Mohan Ranga created good buzz when the teaser of the film released. When the teaser was released on Valentine’s Day, it seemed like a perfect romantic film is on its way to the theatres. So despite Nithin and Megha’s previous film Lie nosediving at the box office earlier, people were still hopeful about this one. But the trailer dashed all hopes. It was funny even in those parts when it wasn’t supposed to be. Remember the Pawan Kalyan, coats and Ooty references? It definitely was absurd. Turns out the whole film is nothing but absurd. Critics are completely in sync for denouncing this film as utter waste of a romantic plot. Check out their reactions…

TOI critic gave it 2.5 stars while saying, “Where the film could’ve set itself apart is the way it handled the clichéd subject. The reasons why Mohan and Megha’s relationship (if you can call it that, since they never even bother to give it a try in the first place) keeps hitting bumps is so silly, it almost makes you face-palm. What works for the film is the situational comedy that elicits laughs every few minutes, kudos to directed Krishna Chaitanya for that. Other than that, nothing really seems to work for the film – be it the chemistry between the lead characters or the music by SS Thaman, which intriguingly somehow sounds better off-screen than on it.”

Firstpost gave it 2 stars only explaining, “This was a soul-sucking experience and it’s hard to recall any other ‘romantic drama’ in recent times which crushed the whole point of what makes a romantic film ‘romantic’ to pulp and that too in such a glorious manner. There’s nothing that anyone in the film can do to salvage it. Out of all the issues that it grapples with, including how seriously it takes itself, nothing is more problematic than its writing. When clarity goes for a toss, it’s a sign that there’s something terribly wrong with the film. Too bad, no one read the signs. Or did they? Two big thumbs down for this love story which turns a simple story into a lifeless journey.”

Hindu didn’t bother to rate it at all, instead the critic just tried to ‘read the signs’. The review reads, “If we’re to believe in signs, one of those comes in the initial portions. Mohan Ranga (Nithin) who has scraped through mechanical engineering tries to get a US visa. He succeeds the fourth time because… he volunteers to take a corpse to the US since the bereaved family members cannot fly to India for the funeral. This morbid humour shows how desperate one can get to realise an American dream. But, it’s also a sign that it could be the beginning of a frustrating movie. And, why did Rohini Hattangadi agree to play that blink-and-miss part? In between all this comes another ‘sign’ — a pet (Shih Tzu) connects Mohan and Megha from childhood to the present. Wait! How many years have passed by and does a Shih Tzu have a very long lifespan? Do the math or look at the exit door and wait for all this to end.”

Interestingly, awarded it 3 stars but asked everyone to not have any expectations. The review reads, “On the whole, Chal Mohan Ranga is yet another routine romantic drama which has some good moments here and there. Lovely songs and decent episodes of comedy keep the audience engaged. Storywise, there is nothing much to look forward to as this is a film where you need to go with the flow of the proceedings which are kept light-hearted. If you ignore the above-said things and want to watch a simple time pass flick this weekend, this film can be given a shot. But keep your expectations in check.”

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