Blackbuck poaching case: Salman Khan’s lawyer is confident of securing bail, while prosecution is adamant on blocking it

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Salman Khan Blackbuck poaching case: Here's what the defence and prosecution lawyers had to say before putting forth their arguments in the Sessions Court!

Salman Khan‘s blackbuck poaching case has been going on since 20 years now and looks like there is no end to it. After the Jodhpur trial court sentenced the actor to 5 years in jail, Salman was taken to the Central Jail in the city yesterday evening (April 05). His team was quick to file a plea in the Sessions Court to suspend his sentencing along with a bail application. The defence and the prosecution put forth their arguments today morning (April 06), post which the judge asked for the earlier orders of other courts and cases be brought and presented to him. The court will study the orders, post which another round of arguments will take place starting tomorrow morning (April 07) at 10.30 am. Only after that will the judge decide and announce the verdict. And looks like both the teams are ready for a battle! While Salman Khan’s lawyer is confident of securing bail, the prosecution is adamant on blocking it.

Talking to News18, Salman‘s lawyer revealed that he has prepared a strong argument and is confident that the actor will get bail. The prosecution lawyer who is representing the Bishnoi camp, however, will oppose the bail. But then again, the lawyer refused to reveal on what grounds will they oppose the bail. 

In the meantime, Salman Khan will have to spend another day in the Central Jail today (April 06). And if the judge is unconvinced tomorrow and asks for even more time, then Salman might have to stay in jail over the weekend. What happens next is something we will have to wait and watch. Anyway, stay tuned to here as we get you all the dope and updates about Salman Khan’s blackbuck poaching case and its verdict right here.

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