Avengers: Infinity War – Explaining powers of the six Infinity Stones that Thanos is after!

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You see there are 6 infinity stones in total. Each infinity stone serves a special purpose and possesses special powers.

Coming Friday, we will see the movie that the world has been waiting for, since the past 10 years. Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 24, worldwide. Thanos, who has been making brief appearances in MCU movies over the years will finally wreak havoc on planet Earth, while Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man will try and save the world. Thanos’ adoptive daughter, Gamora, reveals in a trailer that he is out to get all the infinity stones and once he succeeds in that he will be able to wipe out half the universe with a snap of his finger – making him the strongest entity across all realms. But what exactly are these infinity stones? Well, we are here to break it down for you…

Various Infinity Stones have made their appearances in various MCU movies over the period of time. Loki’s sceptre had an exquisite blue mind-stone embedded underneath. It was later used to bring Vision to life. Then there was the Aether that almost killed Thor’s beloved Jane in The Dark World. The first adventure of the Guardians of the Galaxy involved saving the orb – an infinity stone.

You see there are 6 infinity stones in total. Each infinity stone serves a special purpose and possesses special powers. The infinity stone will be embedded in a gauntlet by Thanos. Each knuckle at that gauntlet will have space for one stone, while one will be in the middle. Take a look at all the stones:

Space Stone

Space Stone first made its appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Back then it was known as the Tesseract, with the world leaders trying to harness its powers. Then, of course, it was stolen by Loki in The Avengers. It is a very strong source of energy. Plus, it could also be used to open portals across the universe for inter-galactic, inter-dimensional travelling. Anywhere in the universe is just a stone’s throw away with it. BTW it seems like Loki is in possession of Space Stone once again, after stealing it again at the end of Thor: Ragnarok.

Mind Stone

We have seen Mind Stone’s power when it brought Vision to life in Avengers: Age of Ultron. We first saw it in Loki’s sceptre in The Avengers, which he used for evil by gaining control over people’s minds. The stone is also partially responsible for giving Wanda and Pietro Maximoff their superpowers. Despite a shiny blue shelling, the stone is yellow in colour. In Infinity War trailer we see that Thanos is about to snatch it away from Vision who has it placed on his forehead. With this stone, you can gain control over any mind on this planet.

Reality Stone

Otherwise known as the Aether, this thing made its first appearance in Thor: Dark World. The stone almost killed Jane when it started using her as a host. The Asgardians were able to gain control over it and handed it over to The Collector to avoid keeping the Space Stone and Reality Stone at the same location. Though, The Collector seems a bit sketchy. The powers of this red stone remain relatively unclear. So far we know that it can suck the energy out of someone and blast it at someone else. Also, it can twist reality?

Power Stone

The Power Stone is known in the movies as the Orb. The same orb that brought together out beloved Guardians. We saw a glimpse of its powers in the movie and we know only someone extremely powerful himself can harness its energy. Its uses include being able to wipe out an entire planet. It is safe and secure with the Nova Corps. It’s purple in colour.

Time Stone

Time Stone is in possession of Doctor Strange who used time warping powers to defeat Dormammu at the end of his origin film. Iron Man and Doctor Strange will use it draw Thanos to them, as revealed in the trailer.

The stone is green in colour. Well, with Time Stone at their disposal, The Avengers should be able to defeat Thanos in no time, right? We wonder how that ugly, purple giant will get hold of this one. We do see Doctor Strange being tortured in Infinity War’s revealed footage so we can guess that his green gem was not of much help to him in the end.

Soul Stone

We have no information about this particular stone as it has not made its appearance even once in the MCU. We are unaware of its powers as well. But the source material, the comics, call it the most powerful stone of all. It can trap souls inside itself. There is a whole soul world inside the tiny stone. It can also steal powers of an individual which means if Thanos gets his hands on it, some of our superheroes might lose their superpowers.

Though Soul Stone has not made its appearance yet, it is rumoured that Captain Marvel might be in possession of it. Rumour has it that it will make its appearance at the very end of Infinity War, maybe in the end-credits scene, with Captain Marvel. This will then lead MCU to tell the story of Captain Marvel, set in the ’80s. Then the phase will move on to Avengers 4.

Another theory suggests that Soul Stone is hidden deep under Wakanda. It is the stone that gave Wakanda all the Vibranium in the first place with the meteor impact and is also said to be the source of power for the heart-shaped herb.

Well, apart from the death of a few superheroes, we are all set for Avengers: Infinity War. The movie has been directed by the Russo Bros.

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