Anushka Sharma’s celebrations after hubby Virat Kohli’s Bangalore team won over Punjab is every cricketer’s dream – watch videos and pics

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Anushka Sharma cheers for hubby Virat Kohli as Bangalore win over Punjab - watch videos and pics
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one of the most adorable couple that we know. Not only are they cute together, but how they stand up for each other and support another is really admirable. When Anushka got flak for Virat’s poor run of form, the cricketer stepped in and silenced all the trolls. How Anushka was seen cheering for Virat during the match against Sri Lanka in 2014, post which the cricketer blew a kiss to her, was one of their most memorable moments. But wait till you see the actress’ celebration after her hubby’s Bangalore team won over Punjab during the Indian T20 tournament!

Anushka was seen cheering from the stand throughout the match. From blowing kisses to whistling and chanting, the actress did it all while Virat was on the field. But wait till you see her celebrations after the team won the match, it is totally what every man and cricketer wants to see. The passion with which Anushka cheered and celebrated is really amazing and she literally stole our hearts. She was overjoyed as if Virat had achieved something big, but every small victory is also huge, so we don’t blame Anushka. She was surely the biggest supporter and fan girl of the night! 
Check out all the pictures and videos of Anushka Sharma’s celebrations after hubby Virat Kohli’s Bangalore team won over Punjab right here.

In an earlier interview, Virat had even mentioned how Anushka had helped him change his personality and had always stood by him during testing times. As he had revealed, “It’s the magic of my ladyluck. I didn’t have any senses before, but ever since the lady has come into my life, she has taught me a lot of things. So I have grown better in the last four years. My intelligence has grown in these years with her. She has taught me manners, gotten me calm. Also, she taught me how to utilize your potential to the fullest at whatever point you are in your life. When I was in my bad phase, my flip in my attitude has come because of her and her alone. At that time she understood what I was going through. She kept me motivated. As a support she helped me push through. She was a constant standing by like a rock. Then when I started doing well, she was still there by my side.” 

Clearly, Anushka is Virat’s biggest supporter. But what do you guys have to say about her celebration after the cricketer’s win? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to here as we get you all the dope and updates about Anushka and Virat right here.
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