Will Avengers Infinity War manage to beat Avengers and Age of Ultron to become the highest grosser in the franchise? We say why not!

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Avengers Infinity War can become the biggest film in the franchise.

Did you know Avengers: The Ultron couldn’t even beat Marvel’s Avengers in the list of highest grossing movies in the world? While you let that sink in, we will talk about Avengers Infinity War now. The trailer of the film was accepted by the fans of the franchise like a gift from God. Everyone is going gung-ho over it and trade is predicting unbelievable numbers. This makes us wonder if Avengers Infinity War will be able to beat the world wide collections of the first two films to become the highest grossing movie in this franchise.

Marvel’s Avengers has earned $1.5 billion in its entire run worldwide, while The Age of Ultron could amass $1.4 billion. Thus the first film in the franchise is still the highest grossing film. There’s a distinct reason for that. The experience of watching all your superheroes in one movie is simply majestic. It’s once in a lifetime kind of an experience which nobody wanted to miss. Everything about it was grand… from the way the superheroes warmed up to each other and the moment they got together to fight the evil. Everything was epic. Thus, there was a huge craze for it. As for The Age Of Ultron, the storyline with Vision, Pietro Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff, evoked right amount of curiosity among people to check it out. 

Now coming to Infinity War, the franchise has become more than just a movie series. It’s a celebration for its loyalists. Plus, it has got many fan favourites coming together to take on the terror of Thanos, like Black Panther, The Guardians of The Galaxy and much more. Plus, there are reports that we are going to lose someone in the film. Rumours are abound that this could be the last Avengers film for either Captain America or Iron Man. All that has made this film a hot topic of discussion. So we feel Avengers Infinity War has it in it to become the biggest hit in the series. What do you think?

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