When Ranbir Kapoor turned clap boy for Rishi Kapoor’s film – view pic

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Did Ranbir Kapoor became a fan of Madhuri Dixit after this?

Ranbir Kapoor‘s childhood pictures have stories behind it. Amitabh Bachchan had revealed one such anecdote when Rishi Kapoor’s family including Ranbir, Riddhima and Neetu Kapoor came down to meet the veteran actor on the sets of Ajooba. Now we have yet another throwback pic of his with his father which made us believe there must be some story behind that too. We will definitely wait for either Ranbir or Rishi Kapoor to reveal that. The young actor can be seen holding the clap for Prem Granth. The latter was one of the most progressive movies ever made in the history of Indian Cinema. It spoke about how the society treats a woman who has been raped. It was directed by Rajiv Kapoor and starred Madhuri Dixit. 

We thought of doing some digging up about Ranbir’s part in Prem Granth and found out that he indeed was the clap boy on the sets of the film. Starting early, eh! We all know Ranbir had assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Black. But we never knew he had started the job so early on.

Rishi Kapoor had earlier apologised to Madhuri Dixit for not delivering a successful film with her, despite doing so many films. Ranbir has confessed time again that he is a Madhuri fan. We wonder if Prem Granth was the film that made him fall for her like crazy!

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