These clues in Varun Dhawan’s October trailer might give you a hint of what the story is all about

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Here's decoding the trailer of October

The day we all were waiting for is finally here as the trailer of Varun Dhawan’s upcoming film, October has been dropped. And needless to say, the highly emotional trailer has left many with teary-eyes. But a set of people are confused as they cannot really figure out what’s exactly happening in the trailer. No wonder then director Shoojit Sircar was asked to give a basic outline of the story at the trailer launch today. But he too refused to give any details as he said, “Don’t ask me the story of October. My films do not have stories, I tap on one emotion.” We, however spotted some hidden clues in the trailer of October, which might give a hint about the story of the movie:

First is the mystery around the flower, which seems to be a very significant part of the film. The name of this flower in Bengali is Shiuli, which is the name of Banita’s character in the film.

From the looks of the trailer, Shiuli, who works with Dan (Varun’s character name) in a 5-star-hotel is not really friends with him. She goes on to suffer from some neurological disorder, which not only leads to the loss of her memory, but also paralyses her. This incident affects him greatly, who leaves everything behind to take care of her in the hospital. 

Here is Varun holding Banita, because she probably cannot walk:

Which is obvious from the still here where we see Varun and Banita (who is on a wheelchair):

So that’s our guess. What do you think is the story of October? Let us know in comments below.

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