These character posters of Avengers: Infinity War are making us desperate for the release on 27th April

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Check out these character posters of Avengers: Infinity War.

This April, the biggest Marvel movie till date, will finally unfold on the silver screen. It’s the result of all that happened in the world of Marvel for the past ten years. Superheroes from all over  are coming together to stop Thanos from collecting the infinity stones. So far, we have only known an outline of Thanos, but with this film he will make his presence felt. We will finally know why he is known as the most dreaded villains. If it takes at least 75 characters to stop him from conquering the infinity stones, he must be something right? Right from Iron Man to Captain America to the guardians of the galaxy to Spider man to Thor to Hulk to Black Widow to many more  – Each of them will put up a fight against the mother of villains. As of today, we are a month away from its release in India. To tease us further and male us desperate for its release, the makers have released character posters. Every poster features a cluster of superheroes. Interestingly, the posters are following the colour scheme of the infinity stones. Which cluster are you rooting for?

The film will release in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The Telugu version got a whole lot bigger as Rana Daggubati has been signed on to lend his voice for Thanos. After watching the trailer, we couldn’t help but admit the actor was the perfect match. After playing a ruthless villain, he is creating terror again through Thanos. 

While fans are excitedly awaiting the movie, they are also dreading the film’s release as this might also mean farewell for some of their favourite characters. Speculations are rife that it might be Iron Man, Captain America or Thor. This is definitely one of the most anticipated superhero films that will showcase of the most powerful villains for the first time.
Avengers: Infinity War Release on 27th April.

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