Rajinikanth will soon be off to the Himalayas!

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Relax... Rajinikanth does it every year!
In the middle of constant talks about his political debut, Rajinikanth will soon be off to the Himalayas. His publicist Riaz Ahmed took to Twitter to inform the same, saying, “Thalaivar is going to Himalayas tomorrow..The News Is confirmed.” Before you get the shock of your life hearing this, let us tell you it’s nothing to be shocked about. Last year, the superstar had built a meditation centre, along with his friends, in the Himalayas. It was done to commemorate 100 years of the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS), founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda. So all of you can chill. The actor has not retired if you think that’s what we meant by him leaving for the Himalayas.

Rajinikanth’s next film, Kaala, is slated to release on April 27 and the teaser has already made people pretty stoked about it. The actor will again be seen in the garb of a gangster after Kabali but his fans are fine with it. Also, the character is far removed from what he did in Kabali. Guess that’s why people are looking forward to this film. After all, 2.0 is yet to get a release date. Till that happens they can suffice with Kaala. Check out the teaser here once more

Now check out the confirmation…
Rajinikanth is also foraying into politics soon. At MGR statute opening, he was quoted saying, “Why are you making fun of me.. Why are you discouraging me.. I know politics is tough.. I am coming to help ppl.. I don’t like blame-game politics..”
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