Race 3 new poster out! Daisy Shah is Salman Khan’s Sanjana who is ‘waiting to explode’ – view pic

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We now know a bit more about Daisy Shah aka Sanjana.

Race 3 is releasing on June 15 and the steady release of posters, explaining the characters in the film, is making us really excited about it. After Salman Khan, Bobby Deol and Jacqueline Fernandez, now we know a bit more about Daisy Shah’s character too. Salman revealed what the Jai Ho actress is called in the film and also what she will do in it. He says,”Sizzling Sanjana waiting to explode.” Sizzling is great, but waiting to explode? Ahem! 

Daisy has been showing us glimpses of her look in the film on her social media accounts. And we had an inkling that she will be the seductress with a motive. Apart from Salman, Bobby Deol and Saqib Saleem, Daisy is a new entrant to the Race franchise and from what it looks, she could be one of the catalysts in the story. The film is getting increasingly interesting with the posters creating the right amount of buzz. Salman called Bobby as the main man while Jacqueline is Jessica with raw power. He is clearly trying not to give away too much about the film or the characters. After all Race 3 is a suspense thriller.

Race 3 has been shot in India, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi. The team is presently in Dubai wrapping up the last leg of the film so that Eid becomes a blockbuster this year too. Now the wait is to watch what Anil Kapoor and Saqib Saleem’s characters are upto. We feel tomorrow we will get to see Kapoor on the poster and that’s something we have been waiting for.

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