October FIRST POSTER out! Varun Dhawan looks lost as he lazes in a meadow – view pic

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Varun Dhawan, penny for your thoughts?
The first poster of Varun dhawan is finally here and it gives us a feeling that it captures the lull before the storm. Varun Dhawan can be seen lazing around in a meadow, lost in thought. We have this nagging feeling that October won’t be as serene as the actor looks in the poster. 

Honestly, we would do anything to be in Varun’s place right now to lie down on the grass like him and also try to figure out what he is thinking. Haven’t we all wanted to just stretch out limbs on grass while we gaze up at the sky? But October may be completely different from what you see right now. 
Speaking about how he bagged this film, Varun told us EXCLUSIVELY, “I went to Shoojit and told him to take me in a film, I told him ‘Please make a film with me.’ Three months went by and Shoojit and Juhi saw me in that character from October and that’s how it happened. But the process of getting into October was very different from what I’ve done ever before. I had to be prepared to be spun around on my head because with the concepts in the film, if I was saying a dialogue like a dialogue, then it wouldn’t work. The dialogues had to be felt and delivered like they were my own words. Just understanding that was difficult! Shoojit wanted me to live the character and not just come and act it out. 

So no make up, for days no sleep, no phone and much more. There was a piece of music that he had given me, which I would listen to, get into that zone and reach the set. Everyday, he would remove my make up and spoil my hair. No glycerine, I was just doing what was meant to be done.” Well, we can see the hardwork already. Check out the poster once again.

October will hit the theatres on April 13 this year.
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